Hamilton High School

* Not available during the Summer. * $250.00 refundable deposit required. * Lockers Included. * Hamilton Athletic Facility Usage Rules: Upon arrival at facility please ensure that it has been left in a clean and safe state from previous user. Make note of any items needing attention. Gym floors must be swept before use (If you are the team starting at 6:00pm the floor will have already been swept by the custodians). This is to ensure a) Safety of athletes and participants and b) Maintain the condition of the facility. Dust brooms will be provided by district Conduct your practice or activity. Require all athletes and participants to wear the required athletic footwear on the gym floors (Shoes worn outside cannot be worn on gym floor). Please ensure the safety and respect of ALL in the facility by keeping siblings and onlookers out of the locker rooms and halls. Loft areas and bleacher risers of HMS gym should be kept clear as well. Designate a representative or parent to monitor all non -participating attendees. Any non-invited or disruptive persons need to be asked to leave (Call HPD (406) 363-2101 in the event of disruptive persons in facility.) After practice or activity please ensure that common areas and bathrooms are clean and orderly. Please make note and report any maintenance or custodial issues observed to HSD district office so issues can be addressed. If there is another team / activity after yours, give a brief detail of what has been performed to the coordinator / coach. If you are the last group to use the facility please ensure that: All participants are picked up by their designated guardian Keep in mind that the person reserving / renting the space is RESPONSIBLE for the care and condition of the space

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Category 1: $250.00 (4 hours or less) & $350.00 (per day, 8 hrs) / Category 2: $850.00 (4 hours or less) & $1,200.00 (per day, 8 hrs).Multiple Day Rate: $25.00/hr for each hour after the full day is paid. ($250.00 refundable deposit)