Bronc Stadium Turf Field

Hamilton High School

Included: facility attendant, custodian, water and cups. Rules and Regulations: To preserve the quality of the synthetic turf and provide a healthy and clean environment, please observe the following rules. • Organized use by permit only • Hours sunrise to sunset • No stakes or poles can be stuck in the turf • No tents on the turf • No food or drinks on the Turf Field - water and cups will be provided • No water bottles on the Turf Field • No pets allowed on the turf or in the stadium • Portions of the Hamilton Athletic complex or the entire complex may be closed for maintenance, safety, or due to inclement weather. • No chairs on the field or track

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Stadium Football Field Without Lights (1-8 hour day): $500.00 /Stadium Football Field With Lights: (1-8 hour day): $650.00